A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are traveling to Cianna to join the mages guild. There you will hone your skills in the arcane arts and grow your power. Along the way, you encounter a mysterious stranger who joins you. On this fateful night, while sitting across from her at your campfire, she offers to train you in the most powerful magic of all: the Arcana Erotica.

Magefight: Duels of the Arcana Erotica is an erotic, adults-only game in which you duel another mage with powerful arousal spells. Think of it as a mixture of erotic pillow fights and wizards foreplay.

Can you resist your lust long enough to make your opponent submit? Find out, in Magefight!

Controls: WASD for movement, Shift for Shield, and Spacebar to cast Spells!

Game Design and Programming by Evie Smash
3D and 2D Art and Animation by HTH Studios
Soundtrack and Audio Design by Stray Dagolext

Featuring the voice talents of Kitty LeRoux, Tyvara, and Stray Dagolext

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreFighting, Shooter
Made withUnity
TagsFirst-Person, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


Magefight-Windows.zip 89 MB
Magefight-Mac.zip 94 MB
Magefight-Linux.zip 101 MB

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It was a really nice little game
I loved it a lot even if it was short
I hope this game will be expanded into a longer and a better game ^-^ 

A little side not is that I would put a furry tag to this game, cuz well, these are furries after all  XD
But its up to you to put the tag in, tho it would make it easier to find awesome games like this with a tag like that  :)

Glad you enjoyed it, and that it a really good suggestion! Should've been there from the beginning.


This have a shining future, I can fell it~

Aww thank you Redyscom! I certainly hope so 😜

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Good game!

The only thing is that when your fighting you can easy just walk back and forth or side to side to win every match. I´m hoping your going to make some more battle sequences because it´s some what a short game.

But its a good game i´ll give you that.


Thank you so much for playing! We only had a single month to make it and were crunching hard at the end to get it out at this quality, but it was worth it!

I'd love to expand on this release of the game and add some more things. We'll just have to see what we can get to.

Thank you so much again. Means a lot. :)